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Ron Leger

Ron Leger, CPA

Leger CPA has built an outstanding reputation around trust and integrity. With over 30 years of experience working some of the largest companies and leading national brands, our boutique firm approaches every scenario with the highest level of professionalism and customer service. We are passionate about putting clients first. Connection is the key to building relationships with clients, and our approach is unique in that we are proactive in managing your finances. Our mission has always been to provide both the individual, and the business, with sound fiscal guidance to achieve your financial goals - be it short term revenue targets, as well as through the realization of future objectives.

We combine seasoned perspective with innate curiosity to broaden our expertise for each client that results in a wealth of industry and personal insight. Leger CPA provides strategic advisory, planning and tax efficiency strategies designed to balance tax minimization with the opportunity for long-term financial gain, and secures millions in capital for businesses growth. Our high standards are dictated by customized solutions and tailored services to each client we partner with. We are adept at becoming your personal financial consultant, through a candor that is met with respect and anticipation.

  • 30+ Years’ Experience
  • 700+ clients
  • Average Client Relationship is 20-25 years

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